Driving My Life Away... - Art for Conservation
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Inspiring Place - Mt. Moran and Oxbow Bend - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Inspired by Nature - A picture is worth a thousand words

A photograph can inspire you
Words can inspire you
A place can inspire you
A mountain can inspire you
A season can inspire you
Spring shimmering leaves or fragrance of flowers can inspire you
Wildflower’s beauty can inspire you
Waterfall’s thunder can inspire you
Water reflection’s calmness can inspire you
Ocean waves sound of relaxation can inspire you
Autumn quaking Aspen can inspire you
Snowy white winter stillness can inspire you
Blue Sky and floating clouds can inspire you
Blade of grass dances can inspire you
Gazing wildlife’s wildness to roam free can inspire you
Bird’s melody can inspire you
Soaring Hawk’s freedom can inspire you
Night sky or Milky Way’s mysteries can inspire you
Shining sunrise can inspire you
Sunset’s radiance and shades can inspire you
Colors of light can inspire you
Volcanic eruption or hot lava flow can inspire you

I wander freely and wonder and I’m a dreamer of a rainbow
Contemplate the beauty of the earth
Wilderness you speak ‘Boldly’
Nature’s gift can offer you hope, dream, full of inspiration and flame
Ignite young soul, redeem loss, reborn, and soaring feeling
And waiting in the wings…
Lingered long enough for timeless moments to awaken power of awareness, and visceral experience of motion
Inspired to capture beauty
Celebrate Life, I hear you sing with full of joy and sense of wonder to kiss the glimmering Nature
Wilderness devotion revive and journey to refine soul unceasing
Life is a dream
My immaculate dream
One world, one soul
Running wild and free alike drifter
Soft and Sweet
That’s the story of the past and story of the present.

@ Mohammed Hussain

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